Wholesale Customers
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West Coast

Southern California and Arizona
Susan Burris
Phone: 415.868.0955

Northern California and Pacific Northwes
Julie Vandevert
Phone: 213.627.1077

Paul Terada
Phone: 808.393.2236

Central and Canada

Aviva Bree Inc.
Phone: 312.595.3007
Tom Striegel
Phone: 972.679.0171

Preston Striegel
Phone: 972.679.4467
Holly Bailey
Phone: 972.880.2521

Western Canada
Libby Ordel
Phone: 604.662.8989

Eastern Canada
Mark Silver
Phone: 705.741.8737

Jackie & Chantale
phone: 514.826.3919

East Coast

New England
Jill Ganci
phone: 781.251.9148

South East
Fran Reis and Company
phone: 404.307.1587

Nancy J. Thompson
phone: 954.525.8421

New York
John & Anita Riley
phone: 732.974.0717

Terms & Conditions

Net 3o subject to Credit Approval; all others prepaid or Credit Card
Minimum order: $500.00
Shipments: 4 weeks from receipt of order
Returns: Written authorization must be obtained before returns can be accepted